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Jenifer Dana Kaufman

Jenifer understands the need to work for a living and earn one’s own way. She is not one of those attorneys who grew up spending summers at overnight camp or winters skiing in Europe. Her parents were regular working people who understood that working hard and always giving your best at your job is its own reward. She learned early that a strong work ethic is the key to independence and professional success.

Jenifer started working at 13 as a babysitter and still remembers her mother making her get her working papers as soon as she was eligible for them. Her first “real” job was at Arties, a discount clothing retail store. She had work-study jobs throughout college. Gap years or lazy summers at the beach were not an option. If school was out, she was expected to work. Jenifer worked for Shop Rite supermarket as a cashier and at West Coast Video as a clerk. She had jobs throughout law school as well.

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After she passed the bar in 1997, Jenifer initially worked for a solo Plaintiff’s attorney representing Philadelphians in personal injury, criminal, family and workers’ compensation matters. This experience made her realize that workers compensation was her desired career path and she has been a “comp lifer” ever since.  

Starting in 2000, Jenifer was employed by several workers’ compensation law firms, representing both Employers and Injured Workers at various points in her career. During those years, she was a hard-working advocate but also very much an employee just like you. She worked for employers with a lot more power and money than she did.  She knows what it feels like when an Employer lets you down or is not completely straight with you.

Jenifer opened her own law firm in 2018 to provide injured workers a better workers compensation experience than the large firms can offer.

You want and need your attorney to be a lot easier to deal with then your employer. Jenifer recognizes that, when you retain her as your attorney, she is your employee and working for you. That means accessibility, communication and spending the necessary time to do the hard work needed to get great results. It also means a mutually respectful working relationship based upon trust and honesty.

Jenifer knows that you would rather be working than being home hurt. She knows that you expect your employer to take care of you when you get hurt on the job. As they should, as you have always given 100% to your employer. Jenifer will work to ensure that your employer lives up to its obligations to provide you the benefits you need and deserve--so you can take care of your family and get back to work and normal life as soon as possible.

Jenifer empowers injured workers to make the best and most informed decisions for themselves regarding returning to work and settlement of their cases. She allows you to make the choices that make the most sense for your situation, while answering your questions and explaining the pros and cons of those choices. You are always treated like an adult. We know that being hurt at work turns your finances, family and future upside down.

Jenifer is one of a small group of attorneys that is certified as a workers' compensation specialist. She has been certified since 2013, the first year this certification was available, and was re-certified in 2018. This means she passed a rigorous exam regarding Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation and that more than 50% of her practice is workers' compensation.

In addition to her certification, Jenifer has been rated by her peers as AV Preeminent since 2014, which means that her fellow attorneys agree that she possesses the highest level of professional excellence for legal knowledge, communication, and ethics.

Jenifer graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1997 and received a B.A. from George Washington University in 1994. She has been licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1997 and is also licensed in New Jersey.

Jenifer is an active Member of Philadelphia & Montgomery County Bar Associations, Workers’ Compensation Sections. She has also been a Member of Philadelphia Bar Association’s Marijuana & Hemp Law Committee since its inception. In addition, she is accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a veterans’ benefits attorney.


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